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Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask Pink 150ML

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Wella Color Fresh Mask Pink Coloring
Discover the Color Fresh Mask coloring masks from Wella Professionals With Color Fresh Mask, revive or transform your color at home in 10 minutes.

More than just temporary coloring, Color Fresh Masks are real care. Your hair will be hydrated, soft and healthy

The big +? The color fades evenly. Say goodbye to overly complicated transitions!
With the pink colored mask transform blonde hair.

Why are Color Fresh Masks so unique?
0 damage formula
No ingredient of animal origin
Formulated without silicones
With avocado oil

Of those who tested Wella Color Fresh masks, 9/10 said they had more groomed, healthier and softer hair "We fell in love with these easy-to-use and practical products!"
The care provided by the mask smoothes the hair cuticle, which prevents difficult disentangling and increases the resistance of the fiber. Direct pigments cling to the surface of the hair. The intensity of the coloring result is true depending on the porosity of the hair. Finally, Wella Color Fresh Mask are formulated with rich ingredients that bring light and softness to the hair.


Using gloves, apply the Color Fresh Mask liberally to clean, towel-dried hair. Leave on for 10 minutes, or longer or shorter depending on the desired intensity (20 minutes maximum!). Rinse with water then proceed to styling.


150ml (2 to 3 applications per tube)